A downloadable game for Windows

Made in 48h with UE5 for the 2022 GMTK Jam (Roll of the Dice)

It is the height of the Cold War. You are a prisoner randomly chosen for an experiment having to do with probability and predicting the future. You were promised your freedom, but upon entering the decrepit facility built in an abandoned nuclear silo and having an injection device attached to your spine you realize something is wrong. You awaken in a locked room, and the experiment begins.

Controls (Keyboard and Mouse/Gamepad):

  • Move: WASD or Left Thumbstick
  • Look: Mouse or Right Thumbstick
  • Interact: Left Mouse or X
  • Crouch: CTRL or B


All assets made by our artists during the gamejam (PBR materials and decals from Quixel Megascans)

If you encounter any bugs that are not yet on the list please comment on the post.


GMTK 2022 Deadline Version 493 MB
Version 6 Jul 17, 2022
Post Jam Updated Version 236 MB
Version 1 Jul 24, 2022

Development log


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As a math lover I immediately got intrigued by the name. I also studied in Kolmogorov high school.

It's interesting to see a horror game made for a jam, although I didn't get it: half of the screen is solid black, you need do to some pixel hunting and I am not sure there is a way to predict the dice (to be honest: I didn't look very thoroughly as most of these games have an obscure solution).

I'd like to revisit an update of this game after the jam.


Although we were super happy with how much we managed to get working for our first UE5 game, we have a major post-jam update underway to fix some issues and include missing parts of the game. If you have any suggestions, please comment on the issue list.


It is an awesome game, too bad it can't be in the jam. It combines roguelike with puzzle game like the Hitman series, but distills it down to predicting a dice roll. Awesome graphics and atmosphere. The sound design is just brilliant! Good work! 
If you didn't get enough of the time pressure, here is mine: (although way worse than yours) https://error13660.itch.io/screechingwheels

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Thank you so much! Feedback like this is what is really important from the jam, even if we don't get the rating numbers!

EDIT: Mark Brown is a literal god and our game is now part of the jam!