Known Bugs and Missing Features

Well the jam is finally over. Since we had to learn UE5 and implement a lot of mechanics as you can expect the gamejam deadline version of the game has some bugs and missing features:

  • Hand icon should be visible when looking at interactable objects but at the last build it broke.
  • You can end up out of bounds if you stop crouching at the end of the vent
  • Good ending not implemented (once you have a metal bar and a screw you should be able to turn the crank to lift the gate and escape)
  • Nightmare sequences missing after getting injected with toxin
  • Progressive worsening mental state missing after getting injected with toxin
  • Last minute intro is pretty rushed and leaves out some story clues

If you played the game and noticed anything else please comment on this post!


GMTK 2022 Deadline Version 493 MB
Version 6 Jul 17, 2022

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  • 50-95% of the screen is pitch black - impossible to play
  • it's not clear whether dice prediction is a real game mechanic or is just an indirect way to create some urgency (there are some games where you literally restart every minute and you have to progress further by learning about the world each time)