A downloadable game for Windows

Made for GitHub Game Off 2019 (Theme: Leaps and Bounds) over 30 days:

As you wander across The Fallen Mountains, you find an old forgotten tunnel, that leads you to The Well. Although you have nothing but an old glider to slow your descent, you start the journey to the forbidden depths. Will you be able to survive when daylight fades into the cold glow of the forgotten? Do you have what it takes to reach the deepest caverns.

Delabor is a third person character action game. In the gamejam release you can run, jump and glide your way through The Well. Should this game see continued development, we plan to add combat, survival and much more. We had a lot more in mind in terms of story and progression but this is all we had time for.

*This project is made using Unity HDRP, which currently does not support Vulkan or OpenGL. Keep in mind that the low quality graphics option disables all lighting for extremely low performance hardware*

Public GitHub repository here


Windows_x86_64.zip 194 MB


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Hi, this game has some major performance issues. I've got a fairly high spec computer that should be able to run a cave and a single 3d model. So i wont be able to play until this is fixed.

What are your specs? I'm getting 150fps at high, 1080p

Procesor: Intel i7 7th Gen; CPU 2.70Ghz

Ram: 8Gb

Can you be more specific? The GPU is the important part here.

I implemented a bunch of optimizations and made the low quality graphics option disable all of the point lights. Let me know if it's any better for you now.