Originally Developed for Global Game Jam 2020 (Theme: Repair)

Jammer's Choice and Judge's Choice 1st place at EUAS Mainor jamsite

Headphones Recommended

You are an engineer who has been forced into an unknown facility. Something is wrong with it. Your only way to escape is to repair as you go. But what are you repairing? Maybe some things are meant to be broken.

If you have the time, please comment with feedback for future development.

Gamejam deadline version available here

Public repository available here


Markus Aksli (Team Lead, Game Design,  Programming, Writing, SFX)

Mattias Aksli (Writing, Programming)

Volodymyr Chelpan (Art, Character Design, Animation)

Siim Püvi (SFX)

Rasmus Lepp (Music)


Windows.zip 66 MB
Linux.zip 70 MB
MacOS.zip 67 MB
Android 67 MB
Music 52 MB

Development log


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Nice game, try my game "guardian of the galaxy " and help me to become a better developer ;)


What a great short game it was. I liked the style and atmosphere. Original concept and something refreshing! Keep on the good work!

This was incredibly atmospheric! A great little game. I fully recommend.

Thank you very much! 

The game is certainly challenging. Make one wrong option and back to the beginning you go. I wish there was a checkpoint system or safe rooms. (along those lines) the game is very atmospheric however, when you die the screen turns black and you hear horrifying sounds, i wish there was something more like image. But the game is really good! The puzzles are challenging (but can be solve) and the game gives you good world building. Good Job! 


Thanks for the kind words! This is just a slightly improved version of what we made during the 48h gamejam. If we make a longer version we'll probably add checkpoints cutscenes etc. Glad to hear you still enjoyed it!

How do i play in android?

(1 edit)

We'll make a mobile version in the future if we keep developing this game, for now that was just a mistake in the page.

EDIT: Android version now available