A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Developed for Ludum Dare 45 (Theme: Start with nothing)

You are recruiting allies for the old frogman Croak. He cannot fight himself. You can choose between different classes of allies to hire in the Town view. Allies are placed in sixths of the circle around Croak and you can swap their positions. Enemies are spawned accordingly in a circle around you. 

If an enemy is facing an empty he will attack Croak (the big health bar around all the allies) you need to rotate your setup to use each turn most effectively, because if Croak dies, you lose. Allies also have abilities that are detailed in the game. The assassin enemy (a lighter fox with a gun) attacks Croak through all allies except Knights using their block ability.

The early rounds can be dull so you can skip through the turn timer and cinematics using the spacebar but as the complexity of encounters ramps up you will need to do a lot of decision-making to come out of the counters alive. Once you get a full 6 allies the game will endlessly put you against 6 random enemies.

Public GitHub repository here


Markus Aksli (Team Lead, Game Design, Level Design,  Programming)

Mattias Aksli (Programming)

Tanel Marran (Character Design, Animation)

Marten Türk (2D art)

Siim Langel (Post-battle UI)


Windows version 55 MB
Linux version 59 MB

Development log

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