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An android port would be super cool!

I made a port but but your finger hides the spaceship and there is no way to not fire the laser when you move the spaceship around so the game needs some changes for it

i want to play it anyway :c 

Well I uploaded the android build for you lol


It just needs some small tweaks but it is playable! :D

I found these issues:

1. The UI is very small.

2. The enemies sometimes fly of the screen on the sides.

3. The app icon needs some cool art xD


Cool game, art and sound works well. Would  nice to have a hit effect on the enemies, just a red tint is enough. Agree with more level and maybe introducing the different enemies over those levels, this could be a complete game.

Thanks for the positive feedback and suggestion, I'll keep it in mind. The systems I wrote would make it very easy to add more levels and more enemy variations. I'm pretty busy but hopefully I'll have time to turn this into a full game at some point.


Well, that is polished to the max! Great job!
Add a few more levels and you can put a price tag on it!